Sharaku artworks

.   Among the four most famous ukiyo-e masters, Utamaro, Hiroshige, Hokusai, and Sharaku, the later has a very special place.The years of his birth and his death are still unknown. All that we know is that he was active for less than a year between May 1794 and March 1795. The mystery on his life led scholars to imagine that he was in fact a well-known artist who has renewed himself under a pseudonym. Some of these scholars even claim that Sharaku could actually be Hokusai.
Unlike other artists, Sharaku showed no interested in nature or beauties, and almost all of Sharaku artworks are yakusha-e, i.e. portraits of kabuki actors. These prints are divided into 4 periods, each period revolving around several plays performed at one of the three major Edo kabuki theaters. For each play the actors are portrayed in roles they acted.
Below are presented a few prints for each of the four periods :


First period


The kabuki plays of the fourth period (performed in February and March 1795)

Actors in the play titled ‘Matsu wa Misao Onna Kusunoki’ and three other plays